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Student Technology - K-12 Parents and Guardians,

Kent County Public Schools will continue to provide a 1:1 learning environment for all children K-12 to help them reach their fullest potential. The technology department encourages you to select insurance in order to reduce the liability of replacing a device. You may select from the following options:

  1. Annual Technology Insurance (Option 1) paid to KCPS by September 28, 2018

  2. Annual Technology Insurance (Option 2) paid to KCPS by September 28, 2018

  3. Insurance policy through outside insurance agency

  4. No coverage (liable for any damage or replacement)

Comparison of Annual Technology Insurance Options

KCPS Annual Technology Insurance

(Option 1)

KCPS Annual Technology Insurance

(Option 2)


$25 iPad (Grades K-4)

$20 Chromebook (Grades 5-7)

$40 MacBook (Grades 8-12)

$45 iPad (Grades K-4)

$35 Chromebook (Grades 5-7)

$75 MacBook (Grades 8-12)

Accidental Damage

Yes (covers only one event annually)

Yes (covers two events annually)

Theft coverage




No (replacements can be purchased for $25)

No (replacements can be purchased for $25)

Summer coverage



Payment Plans



Repairs to devices can be costly. If no coverage is selected, the family will be liable for any damage or replacement costs.

KCPS will collect technology insurance payments online through the MySchoolBucks School Store or by check to Mrs. Terri Smith at the Kent County Board of Education (5608 Boundary Ave, Rock Hall, MD, 21661).

Below is the schedule for optional payment plans for Macbooks:

Technology Insurance Payment Plan Options

Payment 1 Due Date

Payment 2 Due Date


September 28, 2018 ($20.00)

January 31, 2019 ($20.00)


September 28, 2018 ($40.00)

January 31, 2019 ($35.00)

*Failure to meet payment plan due dates above can result in forfeiture of coverage.

Please complete the Student Technology Contract ( with your selection of coverage in order to receive a device.

Please visit our website at, email, or call 410-778-7111 for additional information.