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KCPS updates website and mobile app

Latest app and website updates with app homescreen image

ROCK HALL — In an effort to better reach students and families, Kent County Public Schools has updated its website and mobile app.

The website — www.kent.k12.md.us — was overhauled last fall. KCPS staff continued updating posted information and mobile accessibility of the site throughout the year and over this past summer.

The focus was put on fast-loading, easy-to-click icons that work on all screen sizes: desktops, tablets and phones.

"Families today are not opening up laptops each morning to see what's on the school menu for their children. They are pulling those pages up on mobile devices like tablets and phone," said Dan Divilio, KCPS public relations and communications specialist.

From school and department listings to menus and forms, the KCPS website is a full reference source for any information family and community members might want about the school system.

KCPS was an early adopter of mobile apps as a means of sharing information, be it the latest news and safety alerts or forms and contact information.

This summer, KCPS launched a major refresh of the app, customizing the school system's main page and each of the five schools.
The app is an even more-streamlined KCPS information source. Just open it on a mobile device and tap corresponding icons for the school calendar, menus and more.

One click on the mobile app can allow a user to call a school, visit its Facebook page and even stream the live broadcast from 90.5 WKHS, Kent County High School's student radio station.

"The app has been a go-to for KCPS as an alert service since its launch," Divilio said. "But with this refresh, users have even more information available on a quick loading app that they don't need internet service to access."

The KCPS app is available as a free download on the Apple App Store — www.apple.com/app-store — and Google Play —play.google.com/store

Just search "Kent County Public Schools" on either to find the KCPS app.

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